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We pick up your laundry, clean it professionally and return it the next day for less than $20 a week

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Frequently Asked Questions

Individual Subscription (Fill our standard tote for weekly pickup and next day delivery) -- $79/mo. (Less than $20/week)

Family Subscription (Fill our large tote for weekly pickup and next day delivery) -- $99/mo. (Less than $25/week)

Pay As You Go Laundry (no subscription) -- $1.49/lb.

Dry Cleaning (any garment) -- $4.99

Laundered Dress Shirts (men's or women's) -- $1.99

Blankets and Comforters -- $19.99

There are two ways to use Laundry Day.

The best (and most economical) way is our monthly subscription. For one low monthly fee, subscribers receive a special Laundry Day tote and we'll be by every week to pick up the tote. Just set it and forget it. You can put as much or as little into the tote as you've got. Stuff it completely full if you want. You'll still pay the same amount. And we'll be there every week on your laundry day to turn your dirty clothes into clean clothes by the very next day.

If you're afraid of commitment, you can still use Laundry Day. Simply place a one-time order and we'll add you to the laundry day route for that week. We'll come and collect your clothes and whisk them away to our plant where they'll be weighed, washed, and folded. You'll pay by the pound and get your clean clothes back the very next day.

For customers in the city (ZIP Codes 60622 and 60647) we have convenient evening hours between 7pm and 10pm so that we can accommodate face-to-face exchanges. We can also handle unattended pickups/drop-offs if you're comfortable with it and have a safe, secure place (back porch, with the doorman, etc.) we can easily access to put your orders.

For customers in our suburban locations (ZIP Codes 60201, 60202, 60603, and 60208), we are offering unattended daytime service between 9am and 5pm. Leave your order in an accessible location and we will pick it up while you're at work or out having fun. We'll deliver your clean back to the same spot the very next day.

Use the in-app preferences and special instructions field to let us know how you want us to handle your order and we'll do our best to accommodate your requests.

We're really good at laundry, but we can handle your other stuff too. Use the gray Clean & Press bag for dry cleaning, dress shirts, or anything you want pressed. You'll pay by the piece and still get these garments back the very next day with your laundry.

Think of Wash & Fold as home laundry away from home. Anything that you (or your mom) might run through the washer and dryer and then fold neatly into a basket or drawer would be Wash & Fold. Jeans, t-shirts, pajamas, wash and wear, towels, sheets, baby clothes, socks, underwear - our Wash & Fold service is a great option for these items.

Clean & Press garments are those items that need a little extra care. Dry clean only items. Starched and pressed dress shirts. Down coats and comforters. Blankets. Prom dresses. Wool sweaters. Anything that you don't want to worry about ironing yourself. If you wouldn't just toss it in the washer, let us take care of it with our Clean & Press service.

Clean & Press is more than just dry cleaning. Of course, we can and do dry clean those delicate, special care “dry clean only” garments. But we also consider out professional shirt laundry service to be part of Clean & Press. And some garments like polos, chinos, and other casual and sportswear items can be processed using environmentally-friendly wet cleaning techniques that aren't laundry or dry cleaning, but that use specialized chemistry and computer-controlled machines to safely and gently clean garments. Clean & Press means that you're getting expert garment care designed to keep your clothes looking great and ready to wear.

If you're a subscriber and you just have more stuff than can fit in your tote this week, we can help you out. We offer a special, lower per-pound price ($0.99/lb.) for subscribers for any laundry that absolutely cannot fit in the tote. House guests, wild weekend, rather not say? If you've got an unexpected laundry overload, Laundry Day is there for you.

We're local laundry experts with over 30 years in the business. Our trained laundry pros will sort your clothes and make sure they get washed and dried safely. We use specially-formulated, professional-grade chemistry that works to prevent shrinkage and fading while getting your clothes incredibly clean. Our computer-equipped machines are capable of precise mechanical action and use moisture sensors to make sure that your clothes get exactly the care they need–no more, no less.

Our process uses specially-formulated, professional-grade chemistry. There's not simply one detergent we use, but a number of biodegradable, hypoallergenic (no added perfumes or dyes) components to ensure your garments are gently and effectively cleaned. Our machines can regulate water temperature and mechanical action to work with the chemicals to get your clothes clean with less risk of shrinkage and fading than most commonly available home laundry products.

"Clean" doesn't actually have a scent. The special products we use are hypoallergenic (no added perfumes or dyes). However, we know that a lot of people like a little extra fresh scent. Use the "Preferences" section of your profile to select the "Fresh Scent" for your Wash & Fold, and we'll add a scent for you.

If you aren't available for your laundry day pickup, no worries. We can easily skip you that week. Just make sure to alert us in the app preferences the day before your scheduled Laundry Day. If you miss a drop off - hey, things come up - we can add a special stop on the next available day and apply a small fee ($7) to your account.

When your Laundry Day (or delivery day) falls on a holiday, we'll automatically reschedule our visit for the following day. For example, if your Laundry Day is on July 4th, you can go out and watch the fireworks. We'll come get your laundry on July 5th.

Click "Sign in with email" then "Forgot password?" and we'll send you an email to reset it.

We're here to help. Give us a call at (844) 854-8868

If we are unable to deliver due to inclement weather, you will receive a text to notify you of delivery changes.

Upon the sign up process, you will be asked to enter in your zip code and will be told in the next screen if we service your area. But don't worry! We will keep your email to notify you when we do begin servicing your area.

In the profile section of the app.

Our service is 70% cheaper than the competition because we operate our own facilities, we don't farm out the work to another cleaner.

Why wash and fold your time away? Life is meant to be enjoyed. Sign up for more free time today.

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