Laundry Day

We pick up your laundry, clean it professionally and return it the next day for less than $20 a week

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How It Works

Sign up for more free time
Create your account in a few simple steps with the Laundry Day app and never worry about your laundry again when you subscribe for regular weekly pickups for less than $20/week, billed monthly based on your subscription.

Check laundry off your list
We'll give you a free tote that can be filled with all of your laundry including clothing, towels and even sheets.

Pickup and delivery details
We'll pick up your tote on your scheduled Laundry Day, and time, and get it back to you clean and fresh the very next day. Check your area in our FAQ for dates and times.

Take advantage of our other services
Include your dry cleaning and laundered shirts in a separate bag that we provide for a one-price rate of $4.99/garment and $1.99/ pressed, laundered shirt. Even add blankets and comforters!

Where We Are

Chicago Map

Where we are

We are currently covering parts of West Town, including Logan Square, Bucktown and Wicker Park, and most of Evanston. If you're not in our area please come back soon, our service area is constantly growing. Check our FAQ for pick up times.

Who We Are

Laundry Care Experts

We've been experts in laundry care for over 30 years and we know what our customers want. Professionally cleaned laundry done right, every time. Our proprietary eco-friendly process offers gentler cycles and detergents and safe dryers that treat your garments with extra care. Our system is better for your clothes than you're average laundromat or home washer and dryer.

Best Deal Around

We're also 70% cheaper than the competition because we operate our own facilities, so we don't farm out your laundry to another cleaner. Save time and money and treat your clothes better with our eco-friendly processes with scent and hypoallergenic options.

Why wash and fold your time away? Life is meant to be enjoyed. Sign up for more free time today.

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